What Is Preventative Maintenance?


Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is work that is performed regularly (on scheduled basis) in order to minimize the chance that a certain piece of equipment will fail and cause costly unscheduled downtime.  Preventative maintenance is hence performed while the equipment is still in working condition.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is the most comprehensive maintenance program in the industry and is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication, and inspection.  A preventive maintenance program will help prolong the life of your equipment even after your manufacturer's warranty has expired.  Most manufacturers recommend preventive maintenance to be performed on a quarterly basis at minimum.  

From the time you purchase your equipment, it is necessary to have a service agreement for maintenance even though it is under a manufacturer's warranty.  It is the same as purchasing a new vehicle and having to pay for oil changes even though the care is under warranty.  All equipment has a manufacturer's suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be performed from the day you receive your equipment.

The Gym Doctor offers Custom Tailored Maintenance Programs to fit just about anyone's budget while fulfilling your maintenance needs.  Upon approval of a maintenance agreement, whether in your home, or business, all of your equipment will be entered into our database to track your inventory service history.  Cost of preventative maintenance can vary based on the number of units serviced per visit and service frequency.  Preventative Maintenance programs are offered on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual basis.  If your equipment is under warranty our experts will be responsible for scheduling and providing warranty repairs as necessary.  Warranties will be honored according to the respective manufacturers.  We will also be responsible for any other non-warranty diagnostic and repair work during the service agreement period.  Parts and labor for these repairs will be additional with repairs being done only upon receiving authorization to do so.  

Emergency visits do not include cosmetic problems such as torn padding or hand grips, broken pedal straps etc. 

These will be serviced on our scheduled quarterly visits.