What Is Preventative Maintenance?


Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is work that is performed regularly (on scheduled basis) in order to minimize the chance that a certain piece of equipment will fail and cause costly unscheduled downtime.  Preventative maintenance is hence performed while the equipment is still in working condition.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is the most comprehensive maintenance program in the industry and is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication, and inspection.  A preventive maintenance program will help prolong the life of your equipment even after your manufacturer's warranty has expired.  Most manufacturers recommend preventive maintenance to be performed on a quarterly basis at minimum.  

From the time you purchase your equipment, it is necessary to have a service agreement for maintenance even though it is under a manufacturer's warranty.  It is the same as purchasing a new vehicle and having to pay for oil changes even though the care is under warranty.  All equipment has a manufacturer's suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be performed from the day you receive your equipment.

The Gym Doctor offers Custom Tailored Maintenance Programs to fit just about anyone's budget while fulfilling your maintenance needs.  Upon approval of a maintenance agreement, whether in your home, or business, all of your equipment will be entered into our database to track your inventory service history.  Cost of preventative maintenance can vary based on the number of units serviced per visit and service frequency.  Preventative Maintenance programs are offered on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual basis.  If your equipment is under warranty our experts will be responsible for scheduling and providing warranty repairs as necessary.  Warranties will be honored according to the respective manufacturers.  We will also be responsible for any other non-warranty diagnostic and repair work during the service agreement period.  Parts and labor for these repairs will be additional with repairs being done only upon receiving authorization to do so.  

Emergency visits do not include cosmetic problems such as torn padding or hand grips, broken pedal straps etc.  These will be serviced on our scheduled quarterly visits.  

How will it benefit my facility?

You will find that regular servicing of your equipment pays for itself!

  • No More "Out-of-Order" signs.

  • Lower repair costs on older equipment.

  • Equipment lifespan is greatly increased.

  • Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability.

  • Higher client retention.

  • Greater return on investment!

Upon completion of our visit, we will complete a Preventative

Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that

were not discovered to avoid any down time in your facility.

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can get your equipment in the best shape of its life guaranteed.   

  • Type Of Machine(s)

  • Manufacturer / Brand

  • Age of the equipment

  • Commercial or Residential grade

  • Quantity of each machine

  • Amount of uses and duration of use

  • How much abuse the machines takes

  • Clean, temperature controlled Environment

  • What the equipment is generally used for?

  • How much do you value your equipment?

  • Effective parts and labor warranty?

Factors To Consider When Designing 

A Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

Prevention keeps your machines running longer and stronger.  Stay on top of maintenance issues before they start with Preventative Maintenance Programs by The Gym Doctor.

Quick response times and personal attention means that your machines spend more time working for your members rather than being down.  Low monthly costs and detailed health reports let you know how your machines are doing at all times, and give you one less thing to deal with.

Contact The Gym Doctor to learn more about our we can Protect your exercise equipment with Preventative Maintenance Programs.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

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24 - 48 on-site response guaranteed

Same-Day response for phone support

Fast, reliable, quality service.  Every time.

Latest tools, techniques & knowledge.

Reasonable prices for all PM Programs!


Treadmill Repair


Prior to The Gym Doctor performing any repair, they will first determine the necessity of the repair, analyze what parts are required and then provide a concise Sales Estimate which will outline the required parts and service in detail, once the service has been authorized.  Our technicians will perform the necessary repairs accordingly.  Upon service completion, our service technician will perform a quality control functionality test on the machine to ensure that not only the reported concern has been corrected but also that there is no additional issues present. The Gym Doctor will respond quickly to help eliminate any service issues that your equipment may have.

Recommended Treadmill Maintenance



     • Wipe surface of tread (do not spray cleaner directly on display board. 

        Apply to cloth first).

     • Inspect walking belt for proper alignment.

     • Make sure the line cord is not under elevation carriage.

     • Ensure all control buttons are properly working.


     • Clean & Vacuum under hood of tread.and belt.

     • Check drive belt for proper alignment and wear.

     • Vacuum under tread by elevating the tread to highest elevation.

     • Check power cord for flat spots or breaks.

     • Tighten all loose hardware including shroud screws..

     • Check all settings & re-calibrate tread to verify proper functions.



     • Lube belt and deck to manufacture specifications.

     • Lube elevation screw.

     • Check all hardware to ensure they are tight.


     • Perform all the above or call your local service provider.

     • Check belt and flip/new deck.

Cross - Trainer / Elliptical


Ellipticals are popular pieces of equipment in the gym, and over time they can suffer from frequent use.  If you aren't keeping up with regular maintenance, then it's only a matter of time before you'll be paying for repair and replacement.  That's where The Gym Doctor steps in! Have broken exercise equipment?  We'll fix it!  Want to avoid costly repairs?  We'll set you up on a regular maintenance plan to prolong the life of your ellipticals, treadmills, cross-trainers, and any other exercise, fitness or gym equipment you may have.


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Recommended Elliptical Maintenance


     • Wipe down unit with cleaning solution and soft cloth (do not apply 

        directly onto unit).

     • Correct any squeaks and rattles

     • Make sure the unit has smooth stride.

     • Check display for proper function.


     • Make sure there are no squeaks

     • Adjust skates/wheels for proper tracking.

     • Tighten any loose mounting hardware.

     • Check power cord (if needed).

     • Check all settings.


     • Check all hardware at any pivot points.

     • Clean and lube pivot points.

     • Clean and polish ramps

     • Check unit for proper program functions.


     • Perform all the above or call your local service provider.

Upright / Recumbent / Spin, Air Bikes

Exercise bikes are popular pieces of equipment in the gym, which means they require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they work properly.  Equipment Machine Operators specialize in repairing and maintaining exercise bikes.  Whether your bike has malfunctioned or you are looking for a team to regularly manage fitness equipment, we can help!

Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance of gym equipment to help prolong the life of your machines. 

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Recommended UB / RB, Spin, Air Bike Maintenance


     • Wipe down all surfaces with cleaner and soft cloth.

     • Check proper function of upper display.

     • Inspect housing & overlay.

     • Inspect pedals & straps.

     • Test display monitor.

     • Test heart rate sensors.

     • Verify unit operation.


     • Check pedals to make sure there is no grinding noise.

     • Check crank tightness.

     • Tighten any loose mounting hardware

     • Inspect belt/chain for wear.

     • Lubricate drive chain.

     • Inspect crank arm and drive sprocket, adjust as required.

     • Inspect and lube seat post and pull-pin.

     • Test and adjust belt tension.

     • Check all settings and manually test for smooth operation.

Climber / StepMill / Stepper 


StairMasters or stair stepping machines have a number of moving parts.  These parts can break with little warning, especially when the machines aren't maintained well.  The Gym Doctor Technicians will save you the hassle of having to worry about maintaining your equipment.  Whether you have a broken stepper machine or you want someone to handle the regular maintenance, our technicians can help!

Let The Gym Doctor Technicians regularly service your fitness equipment, so you won't need to worry about paying for costly repairs down the line! 


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Recommended Stepper Machine Maintenance


     • Wipe down all surfaces of unit with a cleaning solution and a soft cloth

        (do not spray directly on the unit),

     • Test the unit to make sure it runs smoothly and that it's level..

     • Check display for cracks in overlay and proper function.


     • Tighten any loose mounting hardware.

     • Check power cord (if needed).

     • Check all settings

     • Correct any squeaks or rattles.



     • Check all bolts and any pivot points..

     • Clean and lube pivot points.

     • Clean and polish ramps and lube ramps.

     • Check unit for proper program function.


     • Perform all the above or call your local service provider.

Exercise, Gym and Fitness Equipment Repair Service


Exercise equipment is made up of unique parts, such as cabling, pulleys, and bolts.  Just like other types of machinery, these pieces allow your fitness unit to operate successfully.  How can you ensure that your exercise unit is performing optimally?  Preventative Care! 


Signing up for a maintenance plan is a great way to ensure longer lasting equipment life.  The Gym Doctor Technicians can help you take care of your exercise machines by providing on-going maintenance plans and speedy repairs. 

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Regularly Scheduled Maintenance & Repair

At The Gym Doctor we understand the importance of providing quality on-going service.  No only are we confident that we can fix your issue, but we are committed to delivering lasting results that don't cost a fortune, which is why we offer preventative care plans.  Major repairs ca be costly and inconvenient.  Ditch the 'out of order sign' and sign up for preventive care.  We guarantee that our trusted technicians will be able to service your equipment so unexpected break downs are a thing of the past!  

Looking to maintain your fitness equipment?  We service elliptical, treadmill, exercise bikes and stepper machines, along with the following specialty pieces:


  • Strength equipment (Multi and Single Station)

  • Air Bike

  • Spin Bike

  • Stationary Upright/Recumbent

  • Exercycle

  • Rowers

  • Treadmill Desks

  • Rig Machines

  • Functional Trainers

  • Smith Machines